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Henny Portrait Chloe Sevigny

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Limited Edition - Henny Garfunkel portrait of

ChloŽ Sevigny



As part of the 20th-anniversary celebration of The Provincetown International Film Festival, the Festival presented photographs from Henny Garfunkel

The photographs offer a selection of visionary talent who have been honored at PIFF, and to shine a light, as their work continues to influence the Provincetown Film Festival and Film Society. Thanks to the Schoolhouse Gallery for their generosity and partnership in this project with PFS and Henny.

HENNY GARFUNKEL is a New York-based portrait and reportage/street photographer. Since 1993, Henny has photographed a veritable who's who of everyone in the film world. A fixture on the International Film Festival circuit for the past few decades, Henny has photographed at Sundance, Toronto, Cannes, New York, Venice, Tribeca, Provincetown Film Festivals, and is now known for her memorable portraits of actors and filmmakers. She has created editorial features for publications and media companies that include Entertainment Weekly, New York Times, InStyle, Filmmaker, Paper Magazine, New York Magazine, Sundance Channel, Sundance TV,, and to name a few; as well as numerous international publications and websites.

A self-taught photographer, Henny began photographing while traveling in Greece in the 1970s, with a simple point and shoot camera. Since then, she has developed a humble, casual, almost accidental style. She likes to react to the world, rather than pose it. She's most comfortable on the street and relies on serendipity to provide her with her richest material.

As one photo editor put it: "Henny's personality and style have been a welcoming touch and celebrities and filmmakers alike feel comfortable around her. They gravitate towards her. It's a rare occasion that anyone turns Henny down. They want to be in her photographs." The portraits include photos of John Waters, Tilda Swinton, Christine Vachon, Alan Cumming, and many others.

Her history with Provincetown dates back to 1983 when she founded the memorable shop TROPPO and showcased artist created jewelry, objects, and clothing. TROPPO lasted only a few years, but her love affair with Provincetown endures...She became involved with the Provincetown International Film Festival from its onset in 1997 and continues to return whenever possible. The current solo exhibit marks her fourth with The Schoolhouse Gallery

"The town and the festival have a special place in my heart."

Henny describes her work in the following terms: "In most situations, I have limited time and connecting with my subjects is crucial, so I have learned to go with the flow, and out of that comes an immediate trust. I believe this is vital for all my work and certainly adds to making a great photograph. My photographs capture these fleeting moments when my subjects and I pass through each other's lives."

Donated By Provincetown Film Society