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Original Dietrich Sieling Art

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Dietrich Sieling

Beach at South Carolina - 2018

graphite and colored pencil.

24" X 30"

More on Dietrich

In 2009 Minneapolis-based writer Susannah Schouweiler wrote of Dietrich Sieling's work: "His drawings are marked by their intricate pattern-work, a conjunction of human and animal forms, and his wonderfully weird play with perspective and text." And that his work felt to her "too fully realized, too consistent in their visual motifs and artistic vision, to be the work of someone just 21 years old." She also remarked, "Sieling's artwork has already sparked the interest of prominent art collectors and garnered a fair amount of positive critical attention."

Dietrich Sieling lives in Minneapolis and is a full-time artist. He was born in 1988 and diagnosed with autism when he was three.

Inspirations for Dietrich's work include calligraphy, a fascination with animals both scary and beloved - dogs and owls were (and are) terrifying, while kudus, zebras, and giraffes are beloved. Friends, family and self are also important subjects - drawn with special attention. Also providing great inspiration are fellow artists and musicians Jim Denomie, Angelena and Korla Luckeroth, Michael Gaughan (Brother and Sister, Ice Rod) Markus Lunkenheimer (Skoal Kodiac) Andy Fritz, (Tender Meat) and Melodious Owl.

His aspirations include buying the old New French Cafe building, installing a spraying hose, and painting the floors with zebra and giraffe patterns.

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