Help provide immediate relief where it is needed most
We are so grateful for your generous support that powers the urgent humanitarian needs of the American Red Cross. 

See how your gift could make an impact on all those who rely on the Red Cross in times of crisis. A gift of any size truly will change lives. 

$10,000 can cover the cost of conducting two Sound the Alarm events, which includes installing around 200 smoke alarms in homes, utilizing an ERV for the day, lunch for the volunteers at the event, and a fire safety package for the homes served. 

$5,000 can send 13 Emergency Response Vehicles (ERVs) and volunteer drivers to a disaster - delivering water and meals directly into the hands of people who need them. 

$2,500 can provide financial assistance for two families impacted by a local disaster, like a home fire. This assistance helps a family purchase items immediately after a disaster, such as food, lodging, clothing and other critical needs.

$1,000 can help keep 38 military families connected during an emergency. Trained caseworkers operate a 24/7 phone bank to get deployed service members home, most often after the death of a loved one or the birth of a child. 

$500 can provide 500 children around the world with the measles vaccination. As a founding member of the Measles & Rubella Initiative, we have led efforts to help vaccinate more than 2.9 billion children in 88 countries against this deadly disease. 

$250 can provide hot meals to 22 people after an emergency evacuation, offering comfort in the difficult days away from home.

$100 can provide two fire kits, which contain the basic supplies needed to search through the debris after a fire. The kit contains a sifter, shovel, rake, tote, dust mask, gloves, trash bags, hand wipes and sanitizer, eye drops and a tarp