DU Sires Unlimited Sale Fall 2017

October 09, 2017 12:00 pm - October 14, 2017 1:00 pm

3475 U.S. 60, Hereford, TX

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DU Sires Unlimited Sale Fall 2017

October 14, 2017 - Hereford, TX. Sale closes at 1 PM CT

Text "DUSIRES" to 52182 or go to DUSIRES.gesture.com to view offering and place bids.

The DU Sires Unlimited Sale is an exciting lineup of service-ready bulls tailored for better show cattle production. The level of quality in these bulls is exceptional with many of the most proven sire and dam pedigrees represented. The bulls may be seen anytime up to and during the auction.

All bulls are 100% fertility guaranteed and all non-virgin bulls have been tested Trich negative. Housing is available at cost thru the winter if desired or immediate hauling is available. Receive a $100/head discount if you load out bulls within 5 days of the auction however WE WOULD LIKE TO WAIT UNTIL MONDAY, OCTOBER 16 TO START LOAD OUT if at all possible due to some scheduling obstacles - please call with questions or if this does not work with your plans.  We will work to accommodate you if at all possible.

Insurance is available and encouraged; it is required for all bulls left in our care after the auction.  Due to recent weather (extended mud), some of the bulls have been a little tender footed recently.  We treated those that called for it and expect all to fully recover though there may still be some limps at auction time; we would never sell you a known problem animal and we stand behind the cattle we sell.

Sellers retain an in-herd semen use privilege on all bulls selling. This includes the option to collect bulls at cost to use in seller's herd(s) only; not for resale.

Mimms Cattle

Hereford, Texas

Mike: 806.344.5016


Boysel Genetics

Zanesfield, Ohio   

Shane: 937.539.1545


Auction Manager:

PrimeTIME, Inc

Craig Reiter: 419.350.9159



Diamond Z Transport: 417.991.9116

Brian Wyatt: 423.240.5533

SmartAuctions Administrator:

Chelsea Halderman: 937.733.6000

SmartAuctions will invoice all buyers and release the item after payment is received. A credit/debit card will be required ONLY to verify identity for bidders, but you will not be charged for your purchases on your card UNLESS you specifically choose that option. If you pay with a card you will be charged a 5% transaction fee. If you pay by check after receiving an invoice via e-mail from SmartAuctions the 5% transaction fee will be waived.

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3475 U.S. 60, Hereford, TX