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Maggie Gibney

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Maggie's piece, I Rise, was inspired by Heather Brammeier's Triangle Bench.

Maggie Gibney is local artist who was raised on the Near West Side of South Bend by two artistic and eclectic parents that both prioritized raising their children in environments full of cultural and visual stimulation. They thought of food, music, community events, and their special friends and family members as all part of their beautifully colorful and artistic canvas of their lives. Maggie moved to Chicago when she was 17 years old to attend Columbia College. Her continued exposure to the arts in college and expanded cultural opportunities in the windy city as well as internationally, helped her in continuing to develop her personal style and appreciation for what she has defined as inspirational.

Maggie is an abstract artist who has designed large colorful and expressive jewelry for over 10 years using both handmade paper and international textiles as her mediums. She uses color, texture and dimension to evoke emotion within her unique pieces. In 2011, Maggie and her father jointly exhibited their art using many of the same materials at the One of a Kind Show in Chicago. Maggie showcased her jewelry and her father displayed his large canvases. Following the show, she discovered she wanted to expand her artistic ability and vision to even larger platforms such as 3D sculptural pieces where her layered colors and textures could make even more of a statement.