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Anna Ryan Drew

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Where did all the woman go? This was my question as I started to research my project. This piece is largely influence by the lineage of my mother Nancy Swan Drew. This new series of works are based on the underrepresentation of woman in art history and institutions. The many woman who created despite the accolades or documentation to their contribution to the art world. It explores gender. Utilizes found objects, generic dolls to explore the issue of race. Specifically how it was manifested in Barbie dolls. The mold of the dolls are exactly the same, besides the color, with lack of any details on the face. "Colored Francie" made her debut in 1967. It was not until September 2009 that Mattel came out with a more realistic depiction of black people then previous dolls. The three-dimension pieces have been on canvas and in this specific exhibit are placed in a drawer. I think as I continue to work through this body of work I have come to some realizations. The woman did not go anywhere. The woman never left. They continued to create without accolades or encouragement from larger institutions. There has been much progress made in many museums. I am beyond happy that the South Bend Museum of Art continues to collect the work of Woman Artists.

A.R. Drew is a contemporary artist with a studio and gallery in downtown South Bend. She has displayed works with She has exhibited with regional and nationally renowned artists including, Robert De Niro Sr., Paul Rothko, Leland Bell, Bob Thompson and Nancy Swan Drew.

Where Did All The Woman Go?
Generic Doll Forms (found object)
Mothers Drawer Circa 1950's