Terms and Conditions

Do you agree to allow Can Do Canines to use your personal data?

Any personally identifiable data retained by Can Do Canines is generally limited to basic contact data and interaction-specific information (which varies depending on your relationship with the organization). Such data is typically kept in access-restricted Constituent Relationship Management databases. Access to to the data is limited to role-specific employees. You can revoke your consent for the organization to access your personally identifiable data at any time. You can also request a copy of your personally identifiable data at any time.

I consent to allowing Can Do Canines to capture and use my personal data. I understand and have read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and understand that I may revoke this consent at any time. 

Donor approves the payments of any charitable donations and/or purchases to Can Do Canines in the amount set forth therein. For more information about these terms and conditions contact [email protected]