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It's a Dance Floor!

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25.5"W x 18.5"H Framed Acrylic on Gessoboard. Signed by the Artist.
Story: The two dogs featured are my dear boys, Jack (on the right) and Davis (on the left). Both of them are roadside rescues and Davis in particular has taken a long time to blossom into the dog he's supposed to be. Now that Davis is mostly himself, the boys play and dance in a way that warms my heart every time I see it. Davis is playful now, and mischievous. When he's excited, he spins and jumps and even walks on his hind legs. Jack has always been more serious, but you can see his love of movement most clearly at the dog park when a whole pack of dogs is chasing him. I have watched him jump over Great Danes, sail effortlessly past whole groups of dogs trying to catch him, and even climb as high as fifteen feet into trees.
When I was honored with contributing to this wonderful event, I immediately went to my two muses. We played with the supplies--nervously at first, but after a few treats, the boys were more confident. I caught this pose about forty-five minutes into our play session and it really captured the playfulness of the boys, but also their brotherly bond at this point as well. I like that they both look like they're about to step onto a disco dance floor and really tear it up. There's also a bond between them because they're touching. This piece celebrates the love my boys have for each other and also celebrates the cone as something more than a shaming device--it's a dance floor! - C. White
NOTE to Winner: Item will ship via UPS ground within 10 days of closing. Shipping within the continental US is included. International winners will be charged a shipping fee. Henry Schein or VCA Customers: If you are the winning bidder, your HSAH sales rep will receive your piece and deliver to your hospital within three weeks.

Donated By Artist Cynthia White