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Elephant Collar #1

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Elephant Tracking Collar

In the last seven years, there has been a 30% decline in the African elephant due to excessive poaching. The Elephants Alive Tracking Program, in collaboration with Save the Elephants, creates awareness of the largest concentration of African tusked elephants when populations are being decimated.

To this end, they deploy cutting-edge satellite collars and study individual elephants to better understand how safety, social and nutritional needs drive elephant movements. They have collared more than 60 elephants in Kruger National Park and other core conservation areas. Tracking collars provide insight into elephants' movements to improve their protection.

By purchasing a collar, you get to name an elephant and receive regular reports on his/her movements. Collar purchase includes:
- New collar
- Helicopter fees
- Veterinary fees
- Drug/dart fees
- Collar service fees (for 24 months)

Donated by Tony McClellan